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Zoan is a human with an unkempt, untidy chestnut brown hair. He has a normal face, which is to say that it is not the best, but at least not the worst face to look at in the morning. He is moderately tall and big, though it might be average when asked to some people from other races. He wears ragged clothing made out of beast pelts, which covers the whole body. However from a commoner's point of view, it is rather inconvenient. Even as an armor, it does not provide much defense when compared to leather --which are made by boiling the skin. When he registered at the guild, Zoan was equipped with a heavy stone club at hand. Naturally, only the head is made out of stone while the shaft is made out of wood. As such, it was literally the most primitive weapon one could craft from nature.


Despite having a tall build, wearing barbarian clothing and lacking proper etiquette, Zoan is actually capable of talking and thinking normally. If anything one might even say that he is a reckless paranoid. Sometimes he acts without thinking like an actual barbarian, while at other times he stopped doing whatever he was doing and stares at nothing as he deeply thinks about something. Zoan appears to be honorable in the sense that he is willing to repay any debt when he has one.

Job History

His first quest was a joint quest with Sol to help Asphodelus fend off the beasts. Surprisingly, the journey to the east took more toll than the battle. Upon returning to Nagrand, he immediately went to sleep for a long time, and when he woke up he had missed a major event where Nagrand was raided by a group of cultists. It was after that event however, that he had found an uncommonly timid orc named Herst and hired him for his following quests.

After hiring Herst, Zoan took on herb gathering herbs and was truly delighted to have hired a former farmer with a herbalist's knowledge. The fact that Herst does not attack is in a way also good, as Zoan's attacking methods are literally crude and barbaric with no sense of finesse whatsoever. Meanwhile, Herst had stayed home in his house on the outskirts of Nagrand while living off by Zoan's money.

Zoan got cursed after raiding the cultist's hideout which was located in the Holy Empire of Men, north from the mountain range. He had attempted to converse with two cultists for some unknown reason, but failed to do so after literally killing two other cultists right before their eyes. He then began to seek a way to learn how to convince others to listen to him. During the quest, the party of three had encountered goblins and managed to exterminate them with the help of Cinis alone. His part of the loot consisted of 33 large copper coins, 3 small copper coins, 7 goblin left ears worth 42 small copper coins after turning them in at Lakeside Village, 3 copper and 1 iron daggers of which he had sold for 18 large copper coins, 2 backpacks, 3 linen bandages, 2 bottles of alcohol, 2 damaged leather armor, and the "poisonous substance in a glass jar" subtracted from the goblins' weapons.

Zoan had escorted Abraham, an old man from the Holy Empire of Men, with May. Thereafter the nomad went on a witch hunt with Nero and Zinc, and saved a village from its curse. During this quest Zoan found out that his hair turns white upon approaching the witch. After the witch was killed, instead of leaving the corpse be purified and buried or cremated, he decided to take the witch's corpse home with him for an unknown reason. It was later revealed on the quest board that he had wanted to revive the witch -or at the very least talk with her soul- to obtain information about a certain topic.--on a side note, Zinc has cured the white hair curse with a revitalizing solution.

In his eighth quest, Zoan encountered a black winged-kin who was the source of screeching noises during the night to west from Nagrand. Even though he decided that the questgiver should decide what to do with the winged-kin, it was evident that the questgiver didn't want to have anything to do with the problem anymore. Hence he decided to leave the problem up to Zoan, whom was given the responsibility by Miss Aria as well. As he did not know what to do with the winged-kin, he had searched all over Nagrand to find someone to watch over her for two nights. In the meantime, he took a party quest involving the retrieval of the Holy Sword of Ludevig, with Cinis and Ayumi. The quest specified that the Templar who had lost the holy sword will also be aiding the party retrieving the said object, but... his determination to eradicate the undead proved to be a burden for the whole party in the end. Fortunately they managed to get out alive and well, even though they have encountered a lich in the Caves of the Dead.

Upon his return, Zoan was shocked to hear that the price to babysit the child alone had costed him 20 small copper coins a night. Deciding that he should take action immediately, he visited the Adventurer Guild's receptionist, only to hear that his only choice was to raise the girl until her parents come to find and retrieve her. Soon thereafter, Zoan went all the way to Asphodelus to execute a local bandit who had been stealing from the rich to give to the poor like some character from a fairy tale. After his return, he took the winged-kin for a walk with Herst. It did not take long before they lost sight of her, only to find her return with the ability to speak Common Language, albeit in broken sentences. According to the winged-kin -who called herself Fey, there were two weird men who had taught her Common Language. Aside from that, it appears that the two had also taught her how to do some pranks.


Found by guards upon patrolling the nearest mountains, Zoan appears to be a former part of one of the many nomad tribes which do anything for a living. Due to a storm a month prior, he got separated from his tribe and decided to put survival as his priority instead of reconciling. Despite being a former part of the nomad tribe (which claims to do anything for a living), no criminal records were found on Zoan. When he asked how to get money as soon as possible, the guards sent Zoan to the guild, hoping that they don't have to deal with him anymore. Upon registering, he claimed to not have any money because the nomad tribe have a financier of sorts who manage the money.


  • After waking up, Zoan's brain need a couple of minutes to start working properly. [1][2] Hence if someone speaks to him at that time, he will talk in broken sentences which just barely makes sense.
  • He had once bought caltrops with a size as big as his hands. Its reasons are currently unknown however.
    • After gaining more money, he had bought even more...
  • The nomad tribe Zoan was part of has less than thirty people as its members, and only about ten people of the tribe are said to be remarkable while Zoan himself is one of the goons.
    • The nomad tribe often plays a domino game when possible. The rules however, might differ from the common variant.
  • According to his quest application, Zoan had brought along the corpse of a witch from his quest to revive her. However, whether it be the lack of necromancers or because nobody was willing to revive a witch who had caused a curse big enough to infect a whole village, the witch was not revived in the end.