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This is the timeline of the major events that occurred in the history of the Northern Continent of Edhellen.

It is divided into a summary of the past events that affected most of the continent and Ternus, and into a second part that is focused mainly on recent events that were important for the Adventurer's Guild.


BD: Before Dragon Era
DE: Dragon Era
ME: Modern Era

Genesis Era

???: The world was created.
???: Sentient races were born.
???: People started spreading throughout the world.
???: Dragons started dominating most of the spaces fit for living.
157 BD: Other races started organizing themselves to fight against dragon's tyranny.
153 BD: First record of a dragon slain in cold blood.
120 BD: Dragons of a country wiped out. People celebrate in joy.
119 BD: Dragons from neighboring countries wipe out all life capable of rational thought in that same country, people bow down to the might of dragonkin.
10 BD: Nyllia's princess is eaten by a dragon because he was bored, anti-dragon movements gain strength again.
9 BD: Over 100 reports of killed dragons are known of.
8 BD: All-out war starts between most races and dragonkin.
3 BD: First major victory against dragons, start of the anti-dragon Empire.
1 BD: Other countries start allying themselves with the Empire for the sake of exterminating dragons.

Dragon Era

1 DE: Order of Dragonslayers officially established.
5 DE: Once again, a country is wiped of dragons, it wasn't exterminated this time.
13 DE: Anti-dragon Empire kills the last dragon in its territory.
57 DE: Empire expands throughout the southern part of the continent, killing all dragons in its wake. Other countries start getting wary, but still worried mostly about the dragons.
128 DE: Dragons mostly wiped from the Southern part of the continent. Expansion towards the North starts.
237 DE: Almost no dragons left in the continent's center. Beastmen start getting wary of how the Empire seems to hate not only dragons, but any non-human.
375 DE: Almost no dragons left in the entirety of the Northern Continent, huge battles start occuring to kill the last remaining ancient ones.
392 DE: The last 7 Ancient Dragons retreat to secluded regions and make their lairs there, abandoning all of their previous belongings. All other dragons seem to be gone.
400 DE: Anti-dragon Empire gives up on trying to kill the last dragons after 8 years of fruitless attempts. Other countries follow suit and the order of Dragonslayers is disbanded.

Modern Era

1 ME: People celebrate the end of the wars against dragons, country heads start turning their eyes against one another. Anti-dragon Empire changes name to Holy Empire of Men.
5 ME: Holy Empire starts spreading their territory further and further, conquering most Southern lands.
17 ME: Empire starts conquering lands to the North, plowing through any country in their path.
20 ME: Non-humans lose their rights in the Empire, start of mass execution and slavery within its lands.
35 ME: Beastmen Alliance formed in the North, immediate war started with the Empire.
60 ME: After losing most of its territories to the North, Empire greatly increases its taxes in the rest of its control to gather more fighting power.
65 ME: Revolts happen throughout the entirety of the Empire's territory, many southern countries leave its command.
79 ME: Empire gives up in the higher taxes policy and signs peace treaty with the Beastmen Alliance after losing most of its territories in the Central portion of the Continent.
90 ME: Northern countries leave the Beastmen alliance due to internal conflicts and the lack of threat from the Empire.
103 ME: Empire reignites the war against the now weakened Beastmen Alliance.
110 ME: The Hero unites various smaller countries in the South and Ternus is established as a Kingdom.
112 ME: Dagon's Dungeon is discovered.
114 ME: General Dagon leaves the army and starts trying to conquer the dungeon.
119 ME: Dagon starts tackling other tasks after many fruitless attempts at bringing the dungeon down.
131 ME: The Adventurer's Guild is established as a mercenary group that accepts people of any race or background.
147 ME: Guildmaster Dagon dies, but not before reigniting the fire to conquer the dungeon with his last words. Dungeon exploration slowly gets reignited.
219 ME: Current year.

Recent Events

OOC: Here will be a resume of the important things that happened since the game started.

219 ME

  • Beginnings 1st: New year started.
  • Festival 4th: Sophia Kuin learns some Holy Magic from Jack, rumors of a Gourd God start spreading.[1]
  • Festival 6th: Nagrand's cats learn how to fly.[2]
  • Festival 12th: Rumors of a Rebel group led by Smith start spreading in Seditio.[3][4]
  • Festival 23rd: A group of cultists attack Nagrand, the church of Lord Ralditorias is severely damaged, but the attack ultimately fails.[5]


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