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One of Ternus' Plains under the Full Moon.

Ternus is a kingdom in the Southern part of the Northern Continent. It is also where the Adventurer's Guild is located.


Not much is known about the region of Ternus back in the Dragon Era, it's only known that after separating themselves from the Holy Empire of Men, the region was composed of multiple independent city-estates with some culture in common, but not enough to bring their unification. It was only when vast amounts of monsters started pouring from the mountains to the Northwest, that the population was united under The Hero's leadership to push those forces back, and then remaining together after the harsh battles.

Before moving on to other battlefields, The Hero chose Ldyrdy to be the first king of the land as a reward for his bravery and leadership skills... Alas, Ldyrdy was a great commander, but not a great king. Being constantly manipulated by advisors that did more harm than good, his reign didn't last too long before he passed the crown and moved away into seclusion, nobody ever discovered where he disappeared to.

Luckily the next kings were good at their job and stabilized the kingdom's position and brought prosperity. The fights against the monsters held strong and were able to push them back past the Caves of the Dead and onwards to the Northwest, where General Dagon found the dungeon from which the monsters came from... Unfortunately, the tired soldiers were unable to push forward into the monsters' den and had no place to rest their forces on, so they eventually returned and made sure to hold guard near the exist of the Caves of the Dead, to assure monsters would not ever overwhelm the kingdom's lands again.


Being in the Southern part of the continent, Ternus has a mild weather that is split in 4 seasons. While mountains exist in the northwest, most of the kingdom consists of plains and rich forests.

Also, due to the high amount of rivers within the territory, most transportation is actually done by ship instead of land.

International Relationships

  • To the North, there is the Holy Empire of Men, a human-supremacist country that has friendly relationships with the kingdom.
  • Further to the North, the Beastmen Alliance fights a constant war with the Empire. Ternus has neutral relationships with the Alliance.
  • To the West, the Queendom of Nyllia has a friendly relationship with the kingdom, even if there is some uneasiness between both countries' population because of the different races that compose them.
  • To the Southeast, the kingdom of Seditio is in the middle of a civil war, so it has no clear relationships with any other nation.
  • And to the South, there is the republic of Agral, the archipelago has a neutral relationship with the kingdom.


Many landmarks exist in the kingdom's lands, here are some of the more significant ones.

Adventurer's Guild

The Adventurer's Guild was founded originally a group of people that specialized in diving into dungeons, with time they started expanding their work field and now are essentially mercenaries.

The kingdom as a whole doesn't interfere much with them for as long as they keep paying their taxes and don't cause too much trouble.

It resides in the town of Nagrand.

Capital City of Randgriz

Randgriz is where the royalty lives, unsurprisingly it is a big and prosperous city.

Caves of the Dead

The Caves of the Dead are filled with Undeads, nobody really knows where they come from. Suspicions of a dungeon being there exist for a long time, but most people aren't foolish enough to explore them to search for it.

A guard post is constantly stationed near it's exit to stop hordes of monsters from entering the main area of the kingdom.

Dagon's Dungeon

Dagon's Dungeon is one of the biggest dungeons that have ever been found, monsters constantly spawn from it and cause destruction to the surroundings. The army long gave up on conquering it though.


Flaminis is a village of Hobgoblins in the North of Ternus, near the Adventurer's Guild.

It's not a place that is very friendly to outsiders.

Haunted Forest

The Haunted Forest is without a doubt the most dangerous place in Ternus, always filled with monsters and with very complicated and confusing paths that can make most people go mad with panic, it's a place generally avoided by any sane person. Monsters that come out of it are frequently killed by the guard.

Hero's Port

The Hero's Port is where The Hero from the legend of Ternus' foundation was born. It's a prosperous trade city and a place of pilgrimage for a variety of knights.

Lake of the Ancients

The Lake of the Ancients is a sacred place that is generally only visited by priests... While they aren't the only ones interested in knowing the place, few others trust their own skill to visit a place in which an underwater monster can bring you to it at a moment's notice.

Lakeside Village

The Lakeside Village is located right next to the fief of Baron Kuin, who is the person responsible for the lands the guild currently resides on... At least in theory.

The baron's power and money is in decline though, so the village isn't very prosperous and needs the guild's help more often than it should.

Moon Village

The Moon Village is a small place filled with an unusual race of rabbit girls. They are pretty reclusive and the country has no intention of making the relationship any closer.

Skyfall Keep

The Skyfall Keep is an old manor in the middle of the mountains that was abandoned a long time ago and recently reclaimed... Sometimes it looks like a very nice place, at others, a dark and terrifying one.

Trade City of Asphodelus

Asphodelus is yet another big merchant city, the very strategical positioning made wonders for the city's growth, it's also one of the few places with people crazy enough to try crossing the Haunted Forest.


Ternus' population is composed mostly of humans, while there are a few non-humans, those tend to suffer a considerable amount of discrimination and go through lives filled with hardships... Which is why many of them decide to head to the Northwest, to the rumored place without differing treatment based on race... They go to the Adventurer's Guild.