Ryul (Arexio)

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"Fascinating, quite fascinating."


Ryul is a half-elf and stands at 185cm tall. He has hazel eyes (usually) and prefers to keep his brown hair cut short.

His ears are a bit pointy, and he's occasionally complimented for his handsome looks, even though he's got a few scars. Ryul's build slightly leans on the muscular side as he believes a strong body houses a strong mind.


Before coming to Nagrand, Ryul served as the Deputy Butler to a count in the Southern region of Holy Empire of Men. He was one of the count's most trusted retainers as the two had a much closer relationship than a normal lord and servant.

He was also responsible for teaching the count's heir the subjects of Magic and etiquette. This all changed when both the count and his main successor were killed in a grand political scheme.

Ryul fled from the territory not only because he was of the count's faction but also because he was of mixed-blood, a "crime" according to the new lord. He found himself in Nagrand after wandering aimlessly southwards with some refugees.

Present Day

Ryul does not want to be an Adventurer per se; it is more out of necessity in order to eat and have a roof over his head.

He instead considers himself as someone who walks down the path of a scholar. Ryul constantly seeks out more knowledge as one of his new goals in life is to become a jack-of-all-trades type of scholar, learning all sorts of different fields with a particular fondness for the study of magic.

Currently, the half-elf finds fulfillment in sharing his knowledge with the children of the orphanage and poor parts of town. He believes it is part of a scholar's duty to do so.


  • Ryul likes savory snacks over sweet ones, but he still has a bit of a sweet tooth every once in a while.
  • Don't ask Ryul about his old relationship. The subject gets him into a bad mood.
  • The best gift you can give Ryul is a book. His appetite for learning is insatiable.