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That's just the ugliest part of the town, alright?

Nagrand is a town in the Northern part of Ternus that was created by Orcs back in the early days of the Modern Era, while they're still the majority of its population, many other races inhabit it nowadays, primarily because the town hosts the Adventurer's Guild.


The town is an unusual one for Ternus, since its population is mostly of non-humans... A good part of the reason behind it though, is that the town is older than Ternus itself, and didn't have nearly as much strength as the kingdom, so being annexed into it was the best idea.

There is hardly anything noteworthy in the town's lifespan however. The guild was the primary source of growth to it and what allowed the town to become welcoming to all sorts of people.


In any given day, one can see a wide variety of races moving through Nagrand's streets, talking, doing business, the usual. The guild lies near the town's center and close to the mayor's office. It's the most convenient location for Adventurers as they can move out through any of the gates if the guild is in the center.

While the original buildings followed traditional orc architecture, you can see all sorts of things in it now due to how each race built things in different ways while creating their own builds during the town's growth. Right now Nagrand is a labyrinth that can easily confuse newcomers and make them lose themselves in the many intertwining streets... At least the guild and the main church are tall enough to serve as landmarks regardless of where a person is.

Due to the nature of the people living in it however, mercenaries, refugees, deserters among many other possibly troublesome people, it's not a very safe town, but it can be a good place to live in once one knows their way around it.

One very remarkable and unusual characteristic of the town however, is that it has Flying Cats hovering above it, frequently seen hunting birds, which is... Pretty good for controlling pigeon population at the very least~

Remarkable Locations

The following are locations of note within Nagrand, for diverse reasons.

  • The Adventurer's Guild, which is a wonderful place for people without connections or any reliable source of income to go to.
  • The Witch Hat Orphanage is a building in Nagrand's Eastern district that is ran by Shiori and serves the function of taking care of orphans.
  • The Church of Ralditorias, ruled over by Priest Soren, it's the biggest church within the town and is a place warriors and adventurers frequently go to pray in before going into battle. Currently in wrecks due to the recent cultist attacks.
  • Ophelia's Temple, a temple of Ophelia, a goddess known for her healing. The building is all in white, with the symbol of Ophelia on its front. The temple is run entirely by women dressed in white, with an elderly woman known as the Mother Superior in charge of running it. This place is known as one of healing those in need, with the Sisters of the temple using Nature or Water healing spells, as well as concocting medicines and growing fruits, vegetables and nuts from their Sacred Garden hidden deep within the temple.


Nagrand means Land of Winds in Orcish, named by its Orc founder that constantly got sick due to strong cold winds of the region.