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He is holding candy btw~

Leonhart is the current guildmaster of the Adventurer's Guild.


Leon is a very tall lizardkin that can feel pretty intimidating at first glance, he prefers to be called Leon because his name is apparently too long for his taste.

While he was an adventurer in his younger days, he took an arrow to the knee during a quest, and the wound never healed fully... He ended up joining the guild's staffs as a way to continue working after his injury got him unable to fight properly anymore, and he slowly rose through ranks until he reached the post of guildmaster.

On a side note, he actually met the girl that he married during the quest he received his wound, it seems she was a poor damsel in distress that he had to save and had his adventurer career ended in the process... Leon seems to be happy about it though, since he was able to have plenty of time to spend with her during his days in the town while he rose through the ranks within the guild's staff.


Leon is very diligent and a hardworker, most people below him are absolutely scared whenever he gets near, but... He is just a bit taciturn, he isn't particularly easy to anger and can be pretty forgiving in relation to the mistakes of his coworkers.

It seems they become so stressed and worried whenever he gets near though, that they start making a lot more mistakes than normal, so he started mainly doing office work and interacting with old timers that are used to him... He isn't very fond of this anti-social life, but he is happy enough if this can make the rest of the guild work properly.

Also, he has a very sweet tooth and is almost always eating some kind of sweet, apparently it helps him focus~


As the guildmaster, Leon's job consists mainly in managing the bigger things the guild does. He doesn't look over every quest that comes to it, but whenever a troubling or complicated request appears, the other staff bring it to him in order to make sure everything is in order and if it's alright to approve it.

He is also the one that handles the guild's relationship with Nagrand, luckily, both Leon and Nagrand's Mayor, Grom, are good friends, so this part of the work is generally handled smoothly.

Deals with outside forces, negotiations with the higher ups of Ternus and all sorts of other troublesome work all fall in his shoulders too... Overall, he is a pretty busy man.


Leon was born in Nagrand, he was the son of carpenters that lived within the town all their lives. He always admired the Adventurers that lived in it and frequently went to the tavern to hear their tales from work... Even while young he started training the sword in order to one day join them in their adventures.

His parents were, unsurprisingly, completely against such dangerous line of work, but he didn't pay any heed to it and went forward with his choices anyways... Maybe it is a shame that he could only adventure for 6 months, or perhaps a blessing in disguise, he personally believes in the latter.

From then on, he joined the guild's staff and rose through ranks until he became the new guildmaster... Not a very flashy life, but one he is definitely proud of.


  • One time his grandson came visit the guild, and pretty much all staff members were flabbergasted when seeing the change from stern guildmaster to kind grandpa... Some even believe it was actually an apparition due to how outstanding the change was... Older staff members that know Leon better just laugh it off though.