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Ki is the name generally used to refer to and categorize those bodily Energies formed by the results of the mixing of a being's spiritual and life energies, rather than being a variant of those standalone energies.

It generally forms a circulatory pattern in the body that determines how the spiritual and life energies in the being interact, and how the resultant Ki flows in the body.

There are many different ways one might use Ki, but similarly to Magic, mastering one's Ki requires extreme amounts of effort and dedication.

These bodily energies possess their own individual properties and are to some extent affected by both the spiritual energy and life energy of the user, which can be manipulated to cause varying types of supernatural effects, which can be summarized by the broad category of Ki arts.

Ki arts are able to do everything magic could and perhaps more, under their own unique set of rules:

Enhancing objects, blasts of energies, manifesting objects with their own properties, manipulating objects, creating supernatural phenomena, and even more quirky abilities that do not fall under any of these categories can exist.

Although in most cases these Ki arts are not as destructive as magic, for what they lack in power, they make up in sheer versatility.

Another important point to note is that interactions of the energies and the properties of the flowing Ki can also produce an effect such that the Ki user's own being could be altered.

For example, some types of Ki essentially replace most of the spiritual and life energies that sustain the life of a Ki user in those departments, while others may only draw on those spiritual and life energies to form their Ki when it is needed for them to do so, and yet others may simply naturally let minuscule amounts of spiritual and life energy slowly merge to charge one's specified Ki Stores.


To become a Ki user is not an easy task. To even manifest one’s own Ki requires great effort.

The hardest and easiest step is to create the first drops of Ki in the body, through manipulating the duality of energies, spirit, and life. Ki isn’t simply formed when spirit and life merge, but rather by forcing a change through their interactions.

An analogy would be that while eggs have the potential to hatch new life, it is a lengthy period with the right conditions that allow them to do so.

The general known conditions to manifest Ki is known as the [Three Conditions], the universal conditions that most people will have to follow to a certain extent to awaken their Ki.


Before literally anything, one must make sure that they have the potential to manifest Ki in their body- not just a matter of having a certain quantity or balance of Life and Spirit, but the willpower to force the metamorphosis of Ki to sprout out from the two energies.

This comes not only a strong mind and thus strong spirit but rather the full spectrum of emotions that oneself that wills things the user wants to happen- whether sin or virtues, which can force the spiritual energies and life energies of one's being to merge, and manifest Ki.

This is arguably the only condition needed to manifest Ki. However, to do so requires a great amount of willpower that most people only can achieve in truly pressing life or death moments when the body’s will to push through summons extra spiritual strength, to forcefully bring out one's Ki in a final effort.

Even when Ki is manifested this way, it starts off very weak to the point where it is impossible to do something with it, at least without great detriment to the self. Thus, the Ki user will have to make up for the brute forced activation by slowly building up their Ki, to avoid potential repercussions


The second step is absolutely needed to reliably manifest Ki: While many Ki methods have different reasons for using wildly different training methods to mold a certain school of Ki, ranging from practical to eccentric, there remains the undeniable maxim: To reap, one must sow.

Only through great training of the being, in spiritual and/or physical ways, can one build up the internal potential which is needed to manifest Ki.

It must be noted that there are virtually infinite ways to train for the potential to gain Ki, but the types of training underwent and the lessons learned molds the kind of potential they possess, which results in their Ki taking on additional traits from the self.


For most people, it is simply too difficult for one to strike it out on their own. As a result, most people don’t simply train until they naturally manifest Ki, but rather have a more experienced Ki User to help guide them.

While most people can give others a seed of their own Ki in order to help them get a clearer focus on manifesting Ki similar to that of the grantee’s own, more of a guiding role, it is also theoretically possible to forcefully turn others into Ki users through similar means directly, one way or another, although those methods are extremely risky and/or have great drawbacks.

Basics of Ki


A guiding chart

Before one properly delves into the quirky abilities Ki is known for, they must know the basics of all Ki.

Firstly, there are the Two Aspects, Manipulation, and Effectiveness, which are the two universal properties of all Ki:

  • Manipulation is the property that all Ki can be manipulated to some extent by all Ki users, notwithstanding special conditions and abilities.
  • Effectiveness is the property that all Ki users naturally possesses certain advantages at certain areas with their Ki, including possessing natural abilities and powers that can be used without needing much manipulation.

Under the Two Aspects, each Aspect is divided into two Attributes, forming the Four Attributes, the basic factors of one's prowess most Ki users should know about: Flexibility and Precision for Manipulation, Power and Enhancement for Effectiveness.

  • Flexibility is the attribute of a Ki user's general ease in manipulating Ki. This includes attributes like the speed of one's manipulations, the variety of one's manipulations, and such.
  • Precision refers to the maximum degree a Ki user can manipulate their Ki. This includes attributes like the complexity of manipulations and scale of manipulations.
  • Power refers to the raw active power a Ki user's Ki possesses, in terms of the direct properties used against an enemy, like the damage the Ki can deal.
  • Enhancement refers to the more indirect, passive powers of their Ki- how it can enhance a Ki user and his allies abilities and such.

These are important to know since people naturally have varying affinities to certain attributes, or it might be a result of the properties of the Ki they wield: Some Ki users might have more Precision, while others might be better at Enhancement.

Do note these are very basic categories and do not fully reflect the complexity of certain Ki arts and abilities, but as a rule of thumb, every Ki user and type of Ki generally has inclinations towards certain categories and might be weaker at others.


All Ki users have the ability to freely manipulate their Ki to mold them into the forms of different abilities, which are known as Ki Arts, as long as the properties of their Ki allows them to do so. One’s manipulation can range from simply controlling the motions of their Ki to generating powerful phenomena, and even imposing the laws behind the properties of their own Ki on the world.

The possibilities and potential of Ki arts are great, being able to create entirely new abilities from their Ki, like merging martial arts into their abilities, and abilities that push far beyond the normal scope the natural properties of one’s Ki can provide.

While it is certainly possible to learn all sorts of Ki Arts, creating new Arts with Ki manipulation still requires great training, whatever the rationale to attain enough control to mold their Ki into the technique the user desires, however, so much dedication is required.

The properties of one’s Ki can affect the result of Ki Arts with their own special flavor, ranging from creating different aftereffects to entirely changing the mechanics of the Ki Art.

Because of such, techniques that build on the natural properties of the Ki tend to be much stronger, so Ki users with more limited Manipulation attributes might have a smaller hand, but they tend to hide more trump cards with the abilities they do possess due to their stronger Effectiveness.


Beyond the basic properties of Ki and Ki manipulation, there are also complex properties- the special and often unique properties of Ki that stem from the nature of the Ki a Ki user molds their Ki into, described under the Aspect of Effectiveness

For example, Ki users may have certain properties in their Ki which they have much more affinity using than with others using normal Ki manipulation, an aura which users can use to shroud themselves that will naturally deflect any hostile attacks, Kis which can be used to naturally enhance nonliving objects, like weapons and armor, natural elemental control, and even Ki which can rejuvenate the body at all times with processed life energy from Mana.

These properties are extremely important for any Ki user, as it can drastically change how Manipulation works for certain Ki Users, and opens up a new repertoire of strengths and weaknesses, which is valuable knowledge for both them, their allies.

Developing Ki

When Ki is manifested, in the beginning, it is either a completely blank slate, swirling inside the body, or only shows some minor traits as a result of the circumstances and training the user has gone through, and generally weak in strength

While one's Ki is a manifestation of mind and body, and one could potentially mold the Ki into Ki Arts of their own will's orders, Ki is not so easy- In a way, it's like a new part of the being, unlike the mere techniques that are Ki, nor the undoubtedly more developed mind and soul, which requires the Ki User to develop into something more, with their own efforts, to turn their thoughts into action.

Thus, to develop one's Ki, one must find the right method, resources and most importantly, work for it with blood and sweat.


First and foremost, one must have training routine geared specifically to develop Ki towards a certain direction through training- a Ki Method. One could either slowly develop one themselves or come across one of the many Ki Methods discovered by Ki Users ages before, through various means: usually by joining a faction with their own school of Ki Arts and thus Ki Methods, but it is possible to procure Ki Arts through trade or adventure, although those are uncommon in the open world, especially for Ki Methods that lead to the later stages of one's Ki development.

The details of these methods of training can range from general training methods to highly eccentric and specialized training methods, many systems of training bridging a more general training method to a more specialized training method as a Ki User's affinities and talents are discovered.

As one's Ki training progresses, the difficulty of their training also increases exponentially as they progress- for improvement only comes quickly with challenging one's limits.


Many countless resources and treasures in the world, like precious flora and fauna parts, runes, crystals, potions can be used to bolster one's Ki, although usually, only specific resources have an effect for Ki Users of a certain type and using too much of them without letting your Ki grow in more natural means may have dire consequences for one in the long run.

Metaprinciples of Ki

Ki, as a byproduct of one's life force and spirit, both of which having metaphysical principles that are not fully understood, possesses some special means of interactions.


One of the most known of them are [Limitations] - a strange part of the [Equivilant Exchange] rule of Ki, which other systems of energy manipulation doesn't usually possess.

This principle allows Ki users to artificially impose limitations to the usage and properties of their own Ki Arts to increase their power or to make the ability manifestable in the first place, whether because the user lacks the degree of skill otherwise required, or because the effects of the ability exceed what can be achieved with their Ki without a trade-off.

It must be noted that the exact degree a Ki user places a condition on their own arts will greatly affect the outcome.


The power of belief and will has always allowed a man to rise beyond their station and turn the hand of fate, but through symbolism, one can draw upon that strength inside them in a more palpable form.

The ability of the mind to create, believe, and rationalize concepts, when translated to the world by Ki, allows users to draw upon the power of any symbolism that they recognize.

When creating Ki Arts, Ki Users may add factors and conditions that may seem unnecessary, or even outright Limitations at times, in order to incorporate some form of symbolism that relates to them into it, whether it be regarding race, religion, ideology, experience.

This symbolism allows the user to focus their heart and will and gather additional metaphysical power from their spirit and even the world and make manifest, granting their Ki Art even more power, above any existing Limitations that may exist in the skill.

It is also possible to create Ki Arts that manifest with not just powerful manipulation, but the power of symbolism on the Ki User's part, allowing them to use it even with a slightly less degree of skill.

The deeper intertwined one is with certain symbolisms the more complex and powerful the Ki Arts one can create from them.

Points of Ki

A list of general rules and guidelines all Ki users must follow, in point form.

4 Absolutes

  • Alternate Law

All Ki possesses their own unique rules and concepts, which can and will be affected by the rules and concepts of other types of Ki and systems of energies, although the efficiency can vary depending on the compatibility of the different energies.

  • Ki Footprints

It should be possible to sense the Ki of others through various sensory means that may vary, and through those means, slowly analyzing some of the properties of that Ki, and thus with enough time, gain an idea of how the Ki and Ki abilities of others work.

  • Singularity of Ki

One cannot train multiple types of Ki at once, although one can absorb/convert Ki of a different type into their own, and potentially receive the benefit of Ki abilities that generally target a type of Ki, all through certain types of means, especially if the Ki involved are similar.

  • Equivalent Exchange

The more efficient a Ki is than another Ki type in a certain field, there must be deficiencies that make up for up it.

3 Generalities

  • Manipulation

Most Ki should be able to be manipulated by the user directly, regardless of how small.

  • Improvement

Most Ki user should be able to grow their Ki in terms of quantity, quality and precision through training, whether through the practice of Ki or other types of intensive training that brings out the potential of the user

  • Change

Most Ki should be able to change in properties with enough training and focus, and also slowly change somewhat due to the development of the user’s psyche, but it is very difficult of the properties of a certain type of Ki to completely change, and usually requires special circumstances that are hard to come by.