Holy Empire of Men

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Formerly known as the Anti-dragon Empire, the Holy Empire of Men is a human-supremacist country that is in the central part of the Northern Continent. Currently at war with the Beastmen Alliance.


Originally created at the end of the Genesis Era, the Holy Empire of Men was originally made with the goal of annihilating all Dragons. As time passed and dragons were mostly extinct though, the population started to hate not only dragons, but any sort of non-human being, and at one point they decided to either enslave or execute any non-human being they found.

This led to the creation of the Beastmen Alliance and the start of their long war against the Empire, during it, many rebellions occurred within the Empire's territory which led to it losing a vast portion of its territory.

After a peace treaty and a few decades regaining its strength, the Empire once again started a war against the Beastmen Alliance, one that is still going on up to this date.


The Empire's southern half is grassy and has a fair amount of vegetation... As you travel northwards though, the area gets more and more desertic. The current border with the Beastmen Alliance is right in the middle of a vast desert in fact.

Due to its huge territory, weather varies a lot depending on each area of the Empire you're in.

International Relationships

The Empire has mostly friendly relationships with all countries to the South... Mostly because none of them can afford to earn the Empire's ire though.

With the Beastmen Alliance in the way though, most northern countries don't have those same worries, which leads to plenty of them having antagonistic relationships with the Empire.

The countries left in the central portion tend to at the very least hold a neutral position in regards to the Empire.


Almost everyone in the Empire's territory are humans, the rest tend to be of all sorts of non-human races... They're all either enslaved or living in the countryside while concealing their identity.

Relationship with the Guild

With the guild being very friendly to all sort of non-human races, it's a given that the Empire does not look fondly upon it. Ternus is friendly with the Empire though, so the latter turns a blind eye to the guild's existence.