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Edhellen is formed of many energies, powers manage the cycle and balance of existence, which many beings can manipulate and use for their own ends, whether for destruction or creation.

Many are able to manipulate the world's energies, but in order to do so, they must offer a similar amount of their own energy to do so, scholars call that the law of Equivalent Exchange.

While theoretically, a countless number of them exist, the main ones are as following:

Primal Energies

The Primal Energies are the major energies that exist in the world. Three of them exist in a balanced Trinity, supporting each other.


The most well known of the Primal Energies, Mana is what permeates much of the natural world- it is virtually everywhere in all kinds of forms and it's almost impossible to find places in which its presence is scarce.

It is an energy of immense potential and has granted birth to many energies, beings, and objects by its own natural influence.

Thus, it is commonly used in many disciplines, especially the Magic disciplines.

There have been many theories about the principles of mana, and even now the base properties of mana are not well understood due to the seemingly limitless transformations of it, from casting a fireball to Dungeons summoning monsters with mostly mana.


The energy that makes up all metaphysical forms, concepts, ideas and such, thus theoretically existing in everything with meaning, although usually intangible in the natural world and can only be affected an affect the world indirectly through other means.

For example, a mage might alter the concepts of fire through mana, while forging a sword in a volcano by the hand of an ardent swordsmith might result in the sword receiving a blessing from it.

Spiritual energy has immense workings in the background of the natural world, in the metaphysical world, and should not be underestimated.

Thus, spirit energy is generated from all that has a soul, making up and running the soul itself, and being continuously produced as long as the soul continues to exist healthily.

The mind is the main conduit of spiritual energy into the natural world, although one can only manifest one’s own spiritual energy that is generated by one’s soul. The strength of the mind also determines the level of efficiency one’s spirit and soul operate at.

Factors like emotions and calculative abilities also can be factored in depending on the scenario, although the situation tends to differ case to case, especially cross-species as Spiritual Energy works on a different set of principles tied closer to the metaphysical world which does not fully reflect in the natural world and thus is also not that well understood by most mortals.

Can be manipulated by certain beings to perform superhuman feats, whether through direct or indirect means, which may fall under the broad category of Psychic Abilities.

Life Force

The energy that animates and powers the body of most physical and living beings, by bridging the interactions of the Spirit to the environment, through powering the body that anchors the Soul to the World at large.

Generally follows the circulation of the body's processes itself, thus stronger and healthier body usually results in a generally stronger life force.

Lifeforce is generally productive for the being at hand as well, so life force can also correct the ailments and improve one’s body, although an imbalance of Spiritual and Life energies is not desirable for many reasons.

Lifeforce generally has their own attributes, like with the elements and such, usually depending on the type of lifeform the being is.

For example, a wind elemental would have lifeforce that predominantly takes on the attributes of Wind, while a Lich would have potent darkness tainted ‘life’ (a subjective point, depending on one’s definition of Life.) running through what remains of their body.

Theoretically, it may be possible to mold one’s life force in order to alter one’s form of existence- or rather, alter their state of existence and succeed by changing their life force into a form that suits their new form. However, to do so requires delicate control of the changing of one’s life force, for a life form are generally not compatible with life forces that power beings which exist differently from them due to the metaphysics involved being different, which can have catastrophic results.

Can be manipulated by certain beings to perform superhuman feats, whether through direct or indirect means, which may fall under the broad category of Life Arts.

Secondary Energies

Secondary Energies are energies formed by becoming a mixture of at least two Primal Energies. Although not truly Primal, these energies are vital to the existence of the current state of the world, and should not be any less valued than the balance of the Primal Energies.

Elemental Energy

Elemental energy, or what some call ‘Elemental Mana’ is an energy, what some consider to be a variant of mana formed when mana and spirit energies mix, the spiritual forms and ideas of either the environment at large, or the spiritual energy and understanding of magical/elemental concepts of a being like a mage are merged with the potential of mana, thus creating elemental energy.

Elemental energy is considered to be the second most predominant energy that exists in nature, second to mana, but every location has drastically different concentrations of different types of elements as a result of the environment.

Generally, it has a vital role in the working of magic, as in the process, the mana is usually moulded by the mage into elemental energies in order to cast a spell. It can also work as a more potent alternative to mana if the elemental energy matches that of the spellwork the mage is doing, saving effort needed to convert mana to elemental energy, which can be vastly efficient and useful for what a mage might want to do.

Any singular element also tends to have different workings and concepts all together from other types of elements, so casting magic using elemental energies of a certain element for a spell of a different element entirely would be impractically inefficient, and might even be dangerous in certain cases.

Using elemental energies in a direct form, ala absorbing them into your being in place of mana is a possible procedure, although it requires one of having a great amount of knowledge and control over the element in question. Even then, while studies differ, such a process might also have untold effects on the being if the magi in question aren't careful, as elemental energies are much bolder energy than tame mana.


A balance of Life and Mana energies, this secondary energy is a power that which results from the harmony of the world with itself, or more accurately, some would say, that of life with the world.

A power generally prefered by humble druids over inquisitive magi; although many magi that appreciate the the simpler natures of the earth as well have used this power in conjecture with their arcane energies, to devastating effect, while this power does not have directly potent properties like the elemental energies, but finer manipulation of such energy is much easier, organic and animate.

Thus, a truly balanced druid can easily call up the natural powers using Equilibrium, unlike more stonehearted magi who sweat to construct spells of greater magnitude.

Like with the elemental energies, absorbing such power directly into the body is also possible, if one maintains an internal equilibrium, in every sense of the word- druids from older druidic traditions tend to usually follow a druidic doctrine, which helps them maintain an internal balance. If one does fail to keep a balance, there is the potential of untold side effects on the being.

It is said Equilibrium might be what the dungeons use to create monsters- however, there are quite a few discrepancies in that theory, and most druids find the dungeon's own energies familiar...yet twisted, not in an overly malicious way, but their energies just aren't quite the same with the Equilibrium of the outside world.


Full Article: Ki

Ki is the name generally used to refer to and categorize those bodily energies formed by the results of the mixing of spiritual and life energies, rather than being a variant of those standalone energies.

It generally forms a circulatory pattern in the body that determines how the Spiritual and Life energies interact, and how the resultant Ki flows in the body. There are many different ways one might use Ki, but similarly to magic, mastering them requires extreme amounts of effort and dedication.

These bodily energies possess their own individual properties and are to some extent affected by both the spiritual energy and life energy of the user, which can be manipulated to cause varying types of supernatural effects, which can be summarized by the broad category of Ki Arts.

The simplest usage of Ki is to momentously increase ones physical capabilities in order to do great feats, such as piercing a rock with your bare fists or enduring a direct hit my a sledgehammer. Other more complex can include things such as flying or throwing energy blasts, but that's hardly the limit of what Ki can do.