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Edhellen is the world we live in and that the Adventurer's Guild is situated on.

It is divided into 6 main continents, Northern, Central, Western, Eastern, Southwestern and Southeastern. Ternus is located in the Northern one.

According to the legends of yore, somewhere in the world exists a World Tree, Yggdrasil, which is connected directly to the world's very soul. Should this tree ever be destroyed, Life Force would no longer be spread throughout the Edhellen and it would slowly, but surely die... Nobody knows if it really exists, but the power of consequences of messing with such an important tree are far too great, so most people prefer to not even try searching.

In any case, while this world is certainly not a peaceful one, it's certainly a lively one. Not many can enjoy the joys of Magic without having walking catastrophes constantly destroying everything in their wake.

Let's hope that it lasts.
- Dr. Pon, interdimensional traveler.