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A fitting reaction to seeing a dragon.

Dragons are one of the, if not the strongest race of monster that ever existed. If one wishes to fight against them, the only advice that can be given is... Don't.


Originally, dragons were the most prominent and powerful race that spread across the entirety of Edhellen. They ruled with an iron grip and killed any that dared show any form of resistance.

As time passed though, the other races became more and more unsatisfied with it, until at one point they started actively fighting against dragons in 157 BD, this had a quick end after the dragons massacred everyone involved with it though.

After about 100 years however, people once again rose against the dragons after being unable to endure their tyranny and started an all-out war... And this time, the other races were winning. After about 400 years of bloody war, nearly all dragons had been exterminated, and only 7 Ancient Dragons remained. Those 7 retreated into secluded and well-positioned lairs that the other races couldn't break into.

And this was how the proud race of dragons was nearly extinct and now has only 7 of their members remaining in the whole continent. They remain there up until this day, hunting living beings from the surroundings in order to survive, and spending most of their time in their secluded lairs.


All living dragons are humongous beings that can easily kill an Orc with a single step. They have extremely tough scales, can breath fire that is capable of melting metal and are excellent spellcasters that can destroy a whole city by themselves simply by flying over it and showering it with absurd Magic that no other being could ever hope to equal.

Well worthy of the title of strongest, those monsters are extremely proud beings that would never bow to anyone... Or wouldn't, the passage of time greatly changed them.

Those are the 7 remaining Ancient Dragons that still live to this day.



Fafnir is a Black Dragon that loves treasures, when he felt it was necessary to leave his old lair to a safer place, he made sure to take all of his most valuable things with him. Gold has no importance to him if compared to all the other things he has already owned... It's said that if someone is to ever slay Fafnir, then said person will be the strongest and richest being in the entire world... It's very unlikely anyone will ever come close to slaying this dragon that is much much older than recorded history however.

His lair is in a cave to the far West of Ternus, in the border between 3 different countries. The entrance to it is small enough that one has to wonder how did he even get there in the first place... It's exactly this small size that makes it absolutely impossible to even consider fighting against Fafnir though, a single fire breath from him can take the entire cave's entrance.

Some Fairies that were his friends back before the dragon wars started actually said that he is a funny grumpy old man, nowadays they call him a total shut-in that would never leave home if he didn't need to eat though.



Mordiford was one of the few dragons that never participated in the dragon wars.

He was born in a forest with none of his parents nearby, a young girl found him starving and took care of Mordiford through his early years and stayed by his side long after he could take care of himself... After she died, he remained in the forest and was said to look over her village and grave through the passage of the years.

When the dragon wars started though, the dragonslayers did not care for his story, the nearby villagers had long forgotten about it too and only viewed him as an object of fear... In the end, to avoid having to shed the blood of humans, he decided to flee and seek refuge in the Fairy Land.

Nowadays, he is one of the protectors of the land and lives in harmony with the Fairies that reside in it.



Scylla is a 6-headed aquatic dragon that lives in the Lake of the Ancients.

It is believed that Scylla was not born a dragon, but was turned into one due to angering the gods. While it is not agreed upon what thing she was before becoming what she is now, she now guards the holy lake from all that dare approach it.

Scylla is one of the few dragons that was never hunted during the dragon wars due to her direct association with the sacred place she guards. She is also one of the few that nobody ever heard talk, or at least lived to tell the tales of.



Sindragosa is a Dragon Lich and an incredible dark and water magician. Originally a Blue Dragon, she corrupted her body with the forces of darkness through many many years up until the point she reached undeath without going through death itself. Her original colors have long disappeared due to the changes she made to her own self.

In the past, she had armies of Undeads that she could move at any moment to annihilate any in her path... Her humongous army was mostly wiped out during the ancient dragon wars though, and after being heavily wounded, she herself had to retreat to the swamps in the Northeast of the Fairy Land where she remained ever since.

Nowadays she has a reasonable amount of undeads hidden all across the swamp, but doesn't expand them further, instead, she uses them to assault and surround any who dare try threaten her territory or her unlife.



Smaug is a Red Dragon that took over an abandoned dwarven mine for himself and made it his lair. It's nigh impossible to see the ground of his chamber due to how much gold is accumulated in it.

Many foolish greedy beings tried to steal from him in order to obtain enough money to sustain themselves for a lifetime... While courage should be praised, there is a point in which courage becomes madness, and those dead beings are definitely in the mad side. A life of poverty should definitely be preferred over the craziness that is breaking into a dragon's lair. Especially Smaug's lair.

Rumors have it that Smaug's scales are actually made of the gold he constantly lies on top of... It's just a rumor though, dragons are born with their scales.



The Dragon Queen, many thought she was actually a descended goddess even, for this 5-headed dragon was definitely the embodiment of the word "divine".

It's hard to know what brought the existence of such a majestic being, there are no other records of anything remotely close to what she is. A dragon with 5 different heads all in different colors, it felt like she was born to rule, to rule all dragons and everything below them.

It was only with her defeat that the dragons were overthrown from their throne as rulers and became the fugitives. She did not breath her last even while pierced with hundreds of blades though, she rose up, and flew again, away from the people that thought she was dead. Many thought she'd come back for revenge, but that was not what happened... She understood that she lost, that her rule was over, and then she left.

Probably the only remaining dragon without a fixed residence, Tiamat flies through the skies up until this day, where she goes to or what is her purpose now... Nobody knows, but she does not seem to wish to fight anymore, for no land has been reported to have been destroyed by her in over two centuries, she seems to enjoy eating all sorts of birds that have the unlucky fate of meeting her flight path instead.



The only child of Tiamat, Yiazmat is a humongous mad dragon that could never be controlled. For as long as it was awake, destruction followed its every step, it's said that even as a child Yiazmat was already able to kill adult dragons and actually ate their corpse before roaring and flying towards the next one.

In the end, Tiamat herself had to seal Yiazmat in an unknown place, as she was unable to bring herself to kill the child. This forever remained as a scar in her heart, which made her never have a child again.

Legends say that one day the dragon will break free of its seal, and when it does, ruin will be brought to Edhellen.