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Caligo is a staff character made by Shad12ow.


Never disturb his research time. It's dangerous.


Caligo, full name Fredrik Ruggeri, is a scholar that has joined the Adventurer's Guild as a mean of furthering his research in two things, alchemy and golemmancy. Of course, he is also interested in anything new and uncommon that the Adventurers tend to encounter. Be it some story or some artifacts, he founds the adventurers are magnets for interesting stuff.


Caligo is generally a nice and calm person. He doesn’t really like conflict and usually avoids them if necessary. But he is also a rather strange person for most. His curiosity is on the level that borders insanity. He will try his best to get to know the real explanation behind anything that interests him, some of the time even doing something that goes against most people’s moral. But he will, to his best, follow the rules and such. People have often said that he is mad and crazy, but most of the time he is a normal person.


Caligo used to be a mage that specialized in earth Magic. After a long time, he decided to become a scholar and stay with the Guild as one of their researcher and also contact to the alchemist guild. People can find him working as a receptionist sometimes due to him being bored, hoping to hear something new and exciting from the Adventurers. He leads the research team and also sometimes send out some scouting mission to search for the credibility of a rumor or such. He is also known to deal with the shadier job of the Guild.


Fredrik Ruggeri is the third son of the Ruggeri family. The family itself is a rather well-off family that even managed to buy their nobility just by focusing on their trading firm. Being the third son of a noble family, he is quite free due to him not be able to inherit the business. That made him spent the entirety of his time helping the family business from the sideline and reading books. The myriad of books he had read, some from his family’s collection and some from stuff he bought on his travel, made him realized how vast and wide the world is. And thus he cultivates his earth Magic so much that he managed to earn a name for himself too. Along the way, he discarded his name and taken the name Caligo as his current name until now. So far almost no one knows his real identity except a few higher level staff in the Guild.


  • The mask is rumored to hide his badly scarred face. The truth is that he just like the mask.
  • Has a lot of masks in his own personal room.
  • Hates dragons. So. Very. Much.