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Urdur Ironhammer


Mean looking, but actually kind-hearted.

Urdur Ironhammer is a dwarven blacksmith created by Shad12ow.


Urdur Ironhammer is a dwarven blacksmith that has made Nagrand his home. He opened his blacksmith store, The Twin Hammer Smithy, in the craftsman district. His specialty is making armor, but he often accepts some custom weapon order or just simple sharpening and maintaining order from time to time. The name Twin Hammer is an homage to his twin brother’s store in the dwarven kingdom, the place where he used to train his skill.


Urdur is your typical dwarf. Loud, coarse, and pretty blunt with his word. Politeness is almost a foreign word for the dwarven blacksmith. But that doesn’t mean he is harsh with everyone. He is simply not a man that minced his word. He will be blunt with anyone, be it his friend or his customer. If one can see past his coarse words, one would see that he is a kind person. Of course, a dwarven kindness is somehow often misunderstood. He will often point out some stuff for newbies in fear of them just go straight to enemies without knowing the full capability of their equipment.


As a smithy, Urdur is a skillful one. While he is not at the level of a master blacksmith, he is really close to that. While his brother followed the path of the conventional dwarven smith, Urdur opted to travel the world to seek the unknown smithy skill that even the dwarf have never seen before.

He is also often asked by the Guild to do maintenance for most of their staff’s equipment. With almost a dozen blacksmiths under him, Urdur takes care of the guild’s order without fail.


Born in the dwarven kingdom as one of the Stonehammer twins, Urdur is known to be a very curious youngster. Trying out a lot of technique from many different blacksmiths. Eventually, he left the kingdom in search of more technique to satisfy his curiosity. After a while, he managed to stop at Nagrand. In there, he saw the guild and found the diversity of the town to be amazing. He stayed there for a while, working under some blacksmith and also accepting some custom order from the Adventurers.

After a while, he managed to accumulate some fund and decided to stay in the ever-changing town of Nagrand, hoping that he will see more interesting stuff that the many adventurers will bring.


  • Caligo is a frequent client of his. He is often frustrated by the strange request the masked man asked him to make from time to time but won't refuse his request to the nice pay he got for the job. And he can't refuse such a challenge from him.
  • Just like any dwarf, he loves his alcohol. He can drink a lot, but he will abstain from drinking a drop of alcohol when he is working, believing that the alcohol will taste much better after working a full day in front of the hearth.
  • A sucker for new and unique blacksmith skill, one of the reasons he gets along with Caligo and his team of researchers.
  • Often get called for helping Caligo research some stuff in the field of smithing.