Silver Flax

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Silver flax is a newly discovered type of flax. It has better properties than normal flax grew in Empire.


Almost identical to normal flax, but has a turquoise stem and white bud. It does not require much light to grow so it can be hidden inside the cracks of the dungeon walls or cave. Even it cannot be grown in the farmland, as long as there is enough mana for them to grow it can adapt most of the extreme climate.

Some said that the flower of silver flax reflects on the elemental mana in the surrounding area.

Distribution and Acquisition

Those things rarely grow in the forest where a normal human can live, it required quite high mana density to grow like in Dungeons, Fairy Land or Queendom of Nyllia.

Since silver flax can grow faster than normal flax, the price only a bit expensive than normal flax but the production cost is not cheap.


Flax straws are harvested to produce linen for clothing and armours like gambeson. The linen produced by silver flax does not absorb water hence it's really useful in an area filled with humidity.

The seeds are currently in research whether it can be used for medical purpose or not.