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Oh, look! An angel! ... Wait, really?

Mary is a Fallen (?) Angel that works as a healer within Nagrand, her most frequent customers are members of the Adventurer's Guild.


Mary is about 1.50m tall and is almost always smiling, she tends to wear very frilly clothes and can be seen flying above the town's houses with some frequency.

She can get a bit gloomy if you ask her about her past though... Well, not like she ever told anyone about it.


Usually a very kind and warm person, Mary seems to enjoy helping people out and healing them... She isn't easily fazed and can deal with heavily wounded people without troubles, even when someone dies under her treatment, she doesn't seem to feel very bad about it, aside from feeling somewhat sad she couldn't accomplish her job properly.

It can get people somewhat surprised when they see her reacting like that for the first time, but apparently she just isn't that attached to life, probably a difference in values due to being an angel.

Even so, she still cares a lot about everyone living in the town and always does her best to help them, most people have long since warmed up to her.


As a healer, Mary mainly uses Magic to cure people's wounds, she doesn't discriminate between patients and is willing to help anyone, even those that have no way of paying for it... She makes sure to ask for an appropriate payment if the person does have the conditions to pay though.

At first she basically worked at Nagrand, but with the guild's growth and more and more Adventurers frequently coming back wounded, she signed a contract with the guild in order to give a discount to the members and to give them priority for as long as no extreme case was in her hands.

Mary is pretty good at what she does, but her Mana pool seems to be unusually small, and her healing magic isn't that strong either, she makes up for those deficiencies by knowing a lot about where and how to heal things properly though, which makes her still one of the best healers available in the town... Even so, the lack of power in her healing is a considerable liability at times, it's the main reason why the guildmaster's leg never recovered fully, for example.


Hardly anything is known about what happened to her before she reached Nagrand. Some think she fell from the angelic plane somehow or that she is in a pilgrimage in the mortal world or that she is just a weird birdkin that looks like an angel... The last one is mostly said by drunkards though.

Either way, she has been here since the town was still a small village and saw its growth to its current state, sometimes she talks about things as if they happened yesterday, when they actually happened over 100 years ago.

Mary feels like a permanent presence in the town, something akin to a constant that will probably never disappear no matter how much time passes.